Sunday, June 28, 2009

My First Doggy Pool Party! Adventure #12

Today human Granny and human Papa took me to have a Great Adventure with the West Loop Dog Meet-Up Group that paired up with The Chicagoland Puggle Meet-Up Group! A Doggy Pool Party at K9 Oasis at Pet Care Plus in Downtown Chicago IL USA! We all three had a Great time. I got to meet a nice Puggle named Sandy and her humans that runs my Puggle Group and a few other nice doggies. I was kinda scared with all the big doggies running around. I stayed right by human Granny and human Papa. They both had lunch and human Granny had little treats in her Doggy Pouch Bag for me. I shared with a few doggies. Snicker! Snicker! I went in the Puppy Pool with human Papa and human Granny close by, but it was kinda scary to go in the Big Dog Pool. Human Papa helped me and did not throw me in or make me go very far. I did not do much swimming. Maybe next time. My human Granny brought my tennis ball and played with the other doggies. I was too busy watching all the canine activity. All and all it was a fun time. Human Granny has a few pics for me to share with all you Doggy Friends and human friends too. Hope to go again real soon. I had a Barking Great time!
Licks & Wags, Ariel ♥
Me and human Papa in the Puppy Pool!

This is what I did when human Granny went to eat.....looked all over for her. Yes that is me to the right looking for my human Granny. Human Papa was chatting with other male humans to the left.

This is the Big Dog Pool. Human Papa is with me on the left next to the wall. He was very gentle showing me how to swim.

This is what I learned to play on from a really cute Big English Bull Dog. He showed me how to run up and down the ramps. But no I did not take the stairs. Bark!


  1. Oh I wish we could have gone. We went to one of the meet ups. It was awesome! Hope we can meet up at the next one. Glad you had fun!

  2. Hi Ariel! That K9 Oasis place looks awesome! I wish there was pool parties at our puggle meetups too.
    Did you find your human granny? Mommy said I always forgot about them when I was in the dog park. She is right! hee hee...