Friday, January 18, 2013

What a year it's been.....Adventure #61

Well Hello Pups, Kitties and Everyone Else....♥
Well it has been a year almost that I have blogged and it has been a long one. The year started off with a bang (fireworks for New Years Celebrations). Then human Granny lost her baby brother to cancer. Sad time for us. Not much in the way of winter, not much snow and all. Plans for a up-coming wedding (my human Auntie's). February my human Mommy had eye surgery. She came to stay with me and human Granny, I loved that. March was a busy month with a 'Bridal Shower' and very stressful for human Granny. But it was Beautiful (I hear I was not allowed to go) and everyone had a wonderful time. April we did the 'Candle Lite Vigil' for the 100+ Sledge Dogs at the Chicago Party Animals and no one showed. Visited my dog park a lot in this month. We met many new pups. May was uneventful except getting the invitations ready with human Auntie. June was the 'Wonderful Event' the wedding. I spent a week at the Doggie Place. I had a OK time they said I was good. I was so Happy to see my human Granny....♥ Most of June and a little of July was spent trying to 'Save Lennox (RIP)' the pup killed in Belfast. We did not succeed. July was HOT and me a human Granny just mostly stayed in the house under the air conditioning most of the time. Human Granny started a group to 'Stop BSL' in memory and to honor Lennox (RIP). August was pretty uneventful. September human Granny celebrated her 55th Birthday. It was fun on We lost our Dear Sweet Scarlet on 9/11/2012. Human Granny and me are still not over that one yet *tears*. October was a long month I have been sick with either Bladder Stones or Kidney Stones. It is hard to tell which in a pup. And I'm still dealing with this problem even today. I had fun in my Halloween Costume (pictures to follow). November was the same almost as October not much gong on except 'Bountiful Harvest'. O'yes and human Auntie and her new husband went to Hawaii. Human Granny was so jealous, but Happy they had a Great time. Human Granny loves Hawaii....♥ December was a busy month. Spent time at a few Kill Shelters to help out. Human Granny likes to help the pups and kitties and rabbits and ect. So we come to now.
January 7, 2013 Human Granny's heart was broken from the loss of one of her 'BabyGirls' Pippen. She went to the 'Rainbow Bridge' to wait for us to be together again. All human Granny's on-lines friends have been so kind to her over this loss. It has been sad most of our days. Gerogetta (Pippen's Twin, they were born in the same sack) is missing her Mirrored Twin terribly. I miss her too! Human Granny loves her more forever....♥
Not too much more to share. Hopefully the days will allow human Granny to keep up with my blog. Blessings and thanks for visiting. 

Licks and Wags, Puggle Ariel ♥