Saturday, March 27, 2010

My 1st Easter Egg Hunt at PAWS Adventure #42

Me with one of my prizes from the PAWS Easter Egg Hunt 2010
Me hunting for just the right eggs!
Me with my eggs all in the carton! I did eat some treats out of a few egg before we got to the check out table...Shhh! Snicker Snicker!

Hello pups and humans and everyone else! It is a Beautiful Day here in Chicago IL USA. It might be a little cold for some but us Chi-Town Dogs are use to this weather. I had a Meetup scheduled today but I also wanted to check out the Tinley Park IL USA '2010 PAWS Easter Egg Hunt'. Human Granny did not want to drive deeper into the city by the lake (Lake Michigan that is) so we piled in the car and headed to the Suburbs. It was fun and I tried to grab as many eggs as I could Snicker! Snicker! I got many prizes and had a few treats out of the eggs before the Easter Bunny helpers could see if they had a prize in them. I made out like a bandit. And my tummy was full of treats before we even got home. So Happy Easter to all the Internet Fur Friends.
Blessings and Licks and Wags, Ariel ♥

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Please Do Not Litter! Adventure #41

Me waiting to leave the 'Emergency Vet'.
Hi pups and humans and everyone else. Human Granny and I have been doing a lot of re-search and spending time trying to get the word out for these poor pup in Urgent Situations. Now my little problem did not seem so much. But I will share it with you anyway. But Please keep this pup Piglet in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks!
~March 18, 2010.......
This was a Adventure of a terrible kind. Human Papa was taking me out for my last walk before he retired to bed for the night. He did not see earlier that someone must of left their beer bottles in the grass where some kids maybe have gotten to them and broke them all over the sidewalk. Human Granny was on the computer and forgot to tell human Papa about the glass all over the sidewalk a few buildings down. O'great! Well I am sure you already guessed what happened. Human Papa walked me right through the glass before he noticed it. Some of the glass got stuck in my right front paw. I did not cry and human Granny got most of it out with human Papa's help. But one piece was just stuck way down and human Granny was making it bleed more and maybe pushing it down deeper. OMD! Well by the time human Granny gave up it was around 10:40 p.m. or so. The next thing I knew human Papa was caring me to the car to the 'Emergency Vet'. Human Granny had to drive with her bad back (she has been having some shots in her spine lately). So the vet said he could not see it at first. But when he took me to the back to take a closer look he seen it. Then the vet took a needle and plucked it right out. The vet tech said it hit him right in the forehead. So after a few days on some meds and off to my vet Dr. Sue a few days later all is well. My paw is Great now!
What a Adventure it was. No matter their are so many more pups much worse off than me. Whimper!
Licks and Wags, Ariel ♥

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Urgent Help Needed ASAP

I had to remove the picture human Granny was crying every time she came to my blog...
This is Piglet the Pit Bull. His irresponsible owner gave him some ham bones on Sunday night (3/21/2010) and now the dog is blocked and in much pain. He was taken to the vet Monday (3/22/2010) but the owner told the vet that their was no money to do this expensive surgery the vet told her he needed. Some of the Great dog people (most of them Rescuers~thanks Pit Kill-Vick) on FB have gotten in touch with this owner and her vet and will be picking up the dog for emergency surgery tomorrow morning (3/25/2010). If you could please a donation is being taken for this pup's surgery. Thanks for your big hearts! Here is the 'Chip' set up for Piglet's surgery donations. Smaller donation are good too!
Click Here!
Bless you!
Licks and Wags, Ariel ♥
From human Granny.....
~3/25/2010 Update on Piglet (thanks Pit Kill-Vick).....
Piglet went in for surgery this morning-no word yet. The "guess ta mated" cost was around $1,500.00 which is less than expected. THE CHIP SHOWS zero--this is because I just started the paypal yesterday and it's not yet active, but there is money in the fund, judging my the emails, right around $145.00. A friend will... loan me $200 if absolutely necessary. If you see anyone asking about this, please let them know.
~3/25/2010 Last Update on Piglet.....
My heart pains me to know this poor beautiful creature of God's had to suffer his last few days of life on this earth. What goes through a person's mind when they are faced with this situation I just don't know. The GUILT would kill me. Pit Kill-Vick I can never tell you thanks enough. And to all the many concerned FB and Blogger animal lovers Bless you for caring. Many Blessings and much Love to all for the tears and temper flair ups and for the donations for this poor pup. I did not know this person but was lead here by Faith through this precious dog. This has moved me to start a new chapter on FB and Ariel's Blog and in my life. I have my first little 'Rescued Grandpuppy' from a kill Shelter of my life and I am so Happy I have her. She is the love of my life (after my hubby and daughters and my kitties that were rescued from a alley at 4 weeks old 13 years ago that is). It is Wonderful to know that in this Cruel World their are many who still care. I pray each and everyday for the Lord to not let my heart grow cold to the people of this world. God help the ignorant for they know not what they do. Most say that animals have no soul I disagree. I know and love a all loving, all giving, and all trusting God that know my Heaven would not be complete without my beloved pets with me for eternity. In my Heaven I am promised all joy and I would have no joy if I can not see the many pets that have passed on and pets like this wonderful PitBull Piglet. Peace and Blessings!
RIP Piglet 3/25/2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

Urgent Help Needed!

O.k all you dog lovers. This poor pup Needs Help Now! Could you Please open your hearts and wallets and Help to get this pup some very needed vet care? Bless you! If you can help PLEASE contact Emily at 1-917-578-6372 to
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Please read this update on this poor pup... (3/22/2010 around 10:00a.m) thanks Tara Lisa Cole!
UPDATE: just talked to Emily minutes ago and she has been rescued!!! Someone with a good heart has taken her outta the shelter and she is being given a second chance medical and all trying find out who and maybe we can chip in and help!!! great news

Safe Toys Please! Adventure #40

It has been a long week and last Sunday (3/14/2010) I got my wish of a Meetup (small dogs only). But it was a disaster. Yet in the end it turned out Great! Human Papa and human Granny took me to one of my Meetups and we were their with the only other Puggle my Sweet Best friend Puggle Sandy. We were playing and the leader of the Group notices a tennis ball that looked a little small and removed it from the floor. She was trying to keep us safe. Some of us Puggles tend to eat toys. At least Puggle Sandy does. After around a hour of play, human Granny noticed that Puggle Sandy had a small ball in her mouth. She (Puggle Sandy) was chewing it like she was eating it. Human Granny tried to get it and Puggle Sandy must of thought she (human Granny) was playing with her. It had a squeaker in it and it was collapsing when she was chewing on it, but it would come back to normal size when Puggle Sandy opened her mouth a little. Human Granny told Puggle Sandy's human Mom to get it. But Puggle Sandy was not having it. Human Granny noticed that it looked a little to big to pass or to swallow. Well Puggle Sandy's Daddy tried and to get it and Puggle Sandy swallowed it right down. She was rushed to the Emergency Vet and had Emergency Sugery that same hour. Puggle Sandy's stomach was already swelling. I was so scared and sad for my Puggle friend. The vet did the surgery to remove the toy ball from Puggle Sandy's stomach in record time. He did say that because of her having a no-gag reflex that her life was spared. If the air went back in the ball in her (Puggle Sandy's) throat she would of chocked on the ball. So I guess it was a Great thing. She is recuperating and doing well. The ball came from PetCo and is not very good for a dog toy. I think these Manufacturers need to rethink some of these products they are selling! Terrible thing to put us dogs at risk. So the rules have changed at the Small Dog 'Off Leash Meetup'. No toys allowed. The organizer of the Meetup Group will be supplying toys that are safe for all dogs to play with. It is a Good thing! What a Adventure it was!
Take Care and Please Humans Be aware of your pet's toys!
Licks and Wags, Ariel ♥

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I Need a Puggle Meetup Bad! Adventure #39

This was me yesterday. I was sitting in human Papa's chair just looking down at whatever this black thing was that looked a little like me. I was fascinated by the shape and when I barked at it, it did nothing. Human Granny did not seem to even pay attention to it. I think I had seen it before. I see it sometimes in the hallway durning the middle of the day. Sometimes I see it at night in the computer room on the walls. Now I am a smart doggy but this puzzles me to no end. I think you need some kind of light to see it. I know a movie about a boy who was looking for his. (Human Granny loves that Disney Flick.) Can you guess what it was?
Licks and Wags, Ariel ♥

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Urgent! Please Help.....♥

....only 8 more days!

Help needed PLEASE! Read and Call and Pass On Thanks!
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