Thursday, June 18, 2009

Graduation Day! Adventure #10

Graduation day was quite a Adventure. I actually did very well during school. Beginner Education was my class name. I finished with flying colors. I was still a little Puggle Pup. My human Granny and human Mommy and human Papa was at all my classes. Human Granny missed one and human Mommy had to take me. Actually I learned to sit and wait and to come puppy when called. I also learned to walk nice on the leash. Treats were very plentiful in them days. I made some puppy friends but sadly I haven't seen them since Graduation Day 2/21/08. Maybe someday they will read about this Adventure and we can meet-up again and have a play day. I would love that. Bark!
Here is my Graduation Pic with the other Grads on that day with their humans. It sure was a fun Adventure.
Licks, Ariel ♥
I am the puppy in the back row on the left side.......
My human Mommy has on the brown sweater.......