Thursday, November 11, 2010

Howl-O-Ween 2010 Adventure #55

Yes I like my costume this year 2010!

I was putting a spell on Lainey by twitching my nose and I think I scared her!
Snicker! Snicker!
No need for human Granny to check out my Treats they are from 'Lainey's Pawtique and Bakery' all natural and Great!

My stash!

Wow did I have a Great Howl-O-Ween this year! On 10/30/2010, it was quite a Adventure! First thanks for the votes for the costume my blogger furfriends. Human Granny went with the 'Spider Witch'. First we went downtown to the fund raiser for the 'Anti Cruelty Society' Howl-O-Ween pawty. Great place and lots of pups to play with. I really just keep all the pups in check. No going in the tunnel for me. I also like to Greet all the humans coming in. Snicker! Snicker! After we were done we drove over (well human Granny did the driving) to Lainey & Autumn & Chloe's house to pick up my treats and some for Puggle Sandy too. After we got to Puggle Sandy's house and seen all the Boo-Ti-Full decorations her (Puggle Sandy's) human Mommy put up we went in. My humans ate and us Puggles played and had fun. I showed Puggle Sandy how I can catch a ball when human Granny bounces it to me. Then we can home. On 10/31/2010 human Granny dressed me up and let me get into my Tricks-Or-Treats bag. What a fun time. Hope you all had a Great Halloween! Catch you later unless you catch me first.
Licks & Wags, Ariel ♥
Hope you Enjoyed the pics!