Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tribute To Kari Winters RIP 2/28/1951 to 5/18-19/2009

© My Human Friend.......
"Scared and Sad I came to you,
Your soft voice and gentle hands I knew.
I felt the love no matter how much my pain,
No one even ever knew my name.
When I was cold you made me warm,
You were their threw all the storms.
Never once to complain or boast,
My human friend I love you the most.
Mentored many to be like the same,
Taught them their was so much to gain.
Now only may you have rest,
And in the end the ones that know you best.
We'll all be together now and forever made whole,
Please let your story always be told."
Written and © by:
Tammy M Lawson-Her
nandez 5/23/2009
(my human Granny)
Human Auntie is a Great person that works for the Siamese Cat Rescue in CA and the Puggle Rescue in CA and the German Shepard Rescue in CA. She started a lot of her Volunteer Work because of this wonderful Sweet Soul Kari Winters (RIP). My human Auntie found out about a lady in Southern CA that had many animals that needed some attention while she (the lady) was recovering from some surgery. Human Auntie being the Great animal lover that she is went over to walk some dogs and pet some kittens and give them all some love.
Kari Winters (RIP), got her (my human Auntie) started with her first foster kittens. She mentored her in a very special way. Kari Winters was a Special person that endured much pain but never complained or boasted about anything she was going threw or accomplished. I have posted a link that human Granny found and you can read all about her.
(Please read about her in this link thanks.......
May she RIP and her work never be forgotten. Thanks for reading about her. Wimper)
Now human Auntie gives a lot of her time to Help Animals. Bringing a little love to some animals lives like spending hours on the phone interviewing new people for potential adoptions and going to the local shelter to spend some time with the strays. Please follow my human Auntie's example if you have some time to spare. I have a Shelter Finder posted on my page and it will Help you find a local Shelter in your area. They are always grateful and appreciate all the wonderful people that come to spend some very much needed time with the animals. Thanks for your Support!
Licks, Ariel ♥

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  1. Kari Winters (RIP) book can be purchased through this link.
    All proceeds goes to helping animals. Thanks for your support!
    Licks, Ariel ♥