Friday, January 18, 2013

What a year it's been.....Adventure #61

Well Hello Pups, Kitties and Everyone Else....♥
Well it has been a year almost that I have blogged and it has been a long one. The year started off with a bang (fireworks for New Years Celebrations). Then human Granny lost her baby brother to cancer. Sad time for us. Not much in the way of winter, not much snow and all. Plans for a up-coming wedding (my human Auntie's). February my human Mommy had eye surgery. She came to stay with me and human Granny, I loved that. March was a busy month with a 'Bridal Shower' and very stressful for human Granny. But it was Beautiful (I hear I was not allowed to go) and everyone had a wonderful time. April we did the 'Candle Lite Vigil' for the 100+ Sledge Dogs at the Chicago Party Animals and no one showed. Visited my dog park a lot in this month. We met many new pups. May was uneventful except getting the invitations ready with human Auntie. June was the 'Wonderful Event' the wedding. I spent a week at the Doggie Place. I had a OK time they said I was good. I was so Happy to see my human Granny....♥ Most of June and a little of July was spent trying to 'Save Lennox (RIP)' the pup killed in Belfast. We did not succeed. July was HOT and me a human Granny just mostly stayed in the house under the air conditioning most of the time. Human Granny started a group to 'Stop BSL' in memory and to honor Lennox (RIP). August was pretty uneventful. September human Granny celebrated her 55th Birthday. It was fun on We lost our Dear Sweet Scarlet on 9/11/2012. Human Granny and me are still not over that one yet *tears*. October was a long month I have been sick with either Bladder Stones or Kidney Stones. It is hard to tell which in a pup. And I'm still dealing with this problem even today. I had fun in my Halloween Costume (pictures to follow). November was the same almost as October not much gong on except 'Bountiful Harvest'. O'yes and human Auntie and her new husband went to Hawaii. Human Granny was so jealous, but Happy they had a Great time. Human Granny loves Hawaii....♥ December was a busy month. Spent time at a few Kill Shelters to help out. Human Granny likes to help the pups and kitties and rabbits and ect. So we come to now.
January 7, 2013 Human Granny's heart was broken from the loss of one of her 'BabyGirls' Pippen. She went to the 'Rainbow Bridge' to wait for us to be together again. All human Granny's on-lines friends have been so kind to her over this loss. It has been sad most of our days. Gerogetta (Pippen's Twin, they were born in the same sack) is missing her Mirrored Twin terribly. I miss her too! Human Granny loves her more forever....♥
Not too much more to share. Hopefully the days will allow human Granny to keep up with my blog. Blessings and thanks for visiting. 

Licks and Wags, Puggle Ariel ♥  

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Hello pups and kitties and humans and everyone else.....♥
It has been a while since human Granny has posted on my blog...:'( She has been so busy with supporting 'Child Abuse Awareness' and 'Animal Abuse Awareness' and 'The Chicagoland Puggle Group' on and 'Brittany Transport' she hasn't had much time to blog for me. Well we are back with a vengeance. JK! Snicker! Snicker! I have been busy chasing the kitties, tearing up human Granny's socks, and barking at the squirrels on the patio to keep them off our outside space.


It started out bad but with hope and faith and a lot of prayer I think it will get better. Human Granny has been reading all your old post to me. I have a lot to catch up on. I see Preston Puggle has a new 'Baby human Brother' and he is so cute, as humans go I personally like canines looks better...Snicker! Snicker! Human Granny thinks he is the cutest human baby she has seen in a while: Puggle Lainey & Puggle Autumn & Chloe had a very successful 'Secret Santa 2011': I see 'Tank' has taken his first plane ride...and was very nervous about it: Puggle Coco got a lot of new toys.....well I will have to fill you in later on the rest when human Granny gets a minute. Enjoy the video and have a Great Super Bowl Sunday!
Licks & Wags, Puggle Ariel ♥


Monday, April 25, 2011


What a Great Adventure I had on 4/23/2011! First human Granny had to make plans for the 'Candlelight Vigil for the 100+ Sled Dogs' murdered in Canada BC. She was busy planning and getting copies and getting candles and permission for the event. Thanks to the Blue Island Park District for letting us use their facilities, on a last minute notice. Thanks for the humans that came out. Thanks to the organizers of this Great Cause, and thanks to the beautiful weather. Pups were 'Howelling' all over the world. What a Barking Great time I had. Even a few pups with their humans who just came to the dog park at random stayed and joined in. We wore 'Red Ribbons' to make others aware of the 'Animal Cruelty Laws' in Canada and how they need to be changed. Human Granny got the word out as best she could. Petitions were signed and a short but sweet speech was said but she could not hold on at the end the water started falling from her eyes.... But all in all it was for a Great cause and we would do it again. We have to have the humans be out voices' sometimes, cuz some humans just don't want to understand us. Thanks to them all! Catch you later pups and kitties and humans, unless you catch me first...
Licks & Wags, Ariel ♥

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Human Granny is holding a 'Candlelight Vigil for the 100+ Sled Dogs' killed in Canada after the 2010 Olympics, here in Chicagoland IL.
Please if you live in the area Please Come and join us...
Sign up here.....

We will not let them die in vain! We will remember these pups and pray that there deaths will bring about change. Please sign this petition.... Click Here!

There Faith...*tears*
See Video

Bless the Beast and the Children for in this world they have 'No Voice' ! We have to be there voices.....

Easter Egg Hunt at P.A.W.S. Tinley Park, IL Adventure #58

What a Great Adventure this was! On Saturday 4/16/2011 human Granny took me to this Great place with eggs all over (see pics) and they had treats in them. They also had little paper dots in them to and for eac
h one I found inside the egg I got a toy. I liked the treats better...Snicker! Snicker! We gave a $10.00 donation and for a little more I got my picture taken with the 'Easter Bunny' whoever that is BOL! It rained but we went anyway. I was so interested by all the eggs it did not matter that we got all wet. We had a Barking Great time and helped the animals too at the Tinley Park IL P.A.W.S. Enjoy the pics and 'Happy Easter' and 'Happy Passover'! Catch you later unless you catch me first.
Licks & Wags, Puggle Ariel ♥

Wow human Granny look at all these eggs.....
Hey I think I smell treats in here....BOL!

The Easter when do I smile? Snicker! Snicker!

Saturday, April 9, 2011



Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bella the Brittany Pup's Journey to her Furever Home! Adventure #57

I had a wonderful adventure yesterday. Let me start from the beginning....Well human Granny has been wanting to do more for the 'Homeless and Helpless' pets, so she spends time a lot on [and forgets about my blog ;( ] so she can see if she can help to transport a pup or kitty or whatever to a forever home. On Thursday night she seen that a pup needed to get to her home and they needed one more leg to get her there. Well it just so happened that it was not so far from our home and human Granny knew just where the place was to take her to the next leg (person doing the transfer). So she wrote on someones wall 'I'll do it!' and Adventure #57 was on! She made arrangements with the lady organizer and then got in contact with the person that was the leg before us. She got permission for me to go too! Human Papa is taking care of his parents in Joliet IL USA (human Papa's Mommy and Popie are in from Texas USA for medical reasons) on Saturdays so I did not have anyone to watch me for the whole day. We waited for the call from the human girl and then we met her at Doubletree Hotel where she transferred to us, Bella. She was so cute (see pictures) and we called our next leg and then called human Papa and then finally we were on our way. I was so good and did not growl at her I did Bark a little. She was a little nervous but human Granny put her in the front seat with her and buckled her in and petted her soft head. After a bit she settled in and went to sleep and slept the whole trip. Except when she heard my nose trying to smell her at the side of the seat. I was a very good Puggle Pup and I did not show any aggressions to this baby Bella. We got off the Tollway in South Bend and went to another hotel called the Inn at Saint Mary's . Then human Granny got out with her. I was surprised. She seemed like she wanted back in the car with human Granny when the human lady was taking her to their car after a short walk. They got in her car (the other humans transporters' car) with my Bella and drove off. I sniffed everywhere but she was nowhere to be found. We had a early dinner and then back to Chicago we went. O I forgot to mention that I did take my Puggle Attitude out on the toll guys...Snicker! Snicker! Thanks human Granny for not having a IPass....BOL! Well all went well and human Granny was so proud of herself for doing such a good deed for the pup. Bless you and Please Remember the Animals in Japan.
Licks & Wags, Ariel ♥

This is Bella the Brittany when we picked her up @ 2:42pm on Saturday 3/26/2011. I think she thought she was driving.....Snicker! Snicker!

This is Bella sleeping on her Journey to her Forever Home (top pic)
and me Puggle Ariel (bottom pic) watching over everything! I love to ride in my dogie car seat, but today I wanted to ride in the front seat with Bella.

Human Granny got out of the car with Bella and I thought she was just going to walk her but she came back without her. I was sniffing all over but she was gone....

I looked back to see her driving away with the new humans to take her on the rest of her Journey and find her forever human Mommy & human Daddy.....

As we drove back home to Chicago IL USA human Granny was shedding a few Happy *tears* and was talking to the sky. I guess she said a prayer for Bella? She does that a lot, talks to the sky.