Saturday, September 18, 2010

Young @ Heart Pet Rescue 'Mutt Mosey Fund Raiser' Adventure #54

Wow! what a Great Adventure I had with human Granny and human Papa today! It was our Young @ Heart Pet Rescue, 'Mutt Mosey's Fund Raiser! Human Granny worked hard trying to raise money but we did get 10% of her goal and that is good (she said). We started out and human Granny told human Papa to get a jacket it was going to be bad weather. Human Granny made sure to get me and her one. He said he did not need it. Dog-gone-it he was wrong. It RAINED all the time we were at the Fund Raiser. Glad human Granny remembered to bring 2 umbrellas.
Human Papa decided to go and get a umbrella...Snicker!
The 'Walk' got started a little late with the rain and all, but it was still a Barking! Great time. Human Papa and I did our walk around the pond and we can in first place. Then human Granny got me a 'Raffle Ticket' and it won me a 'Dog Gone Great' prize.
Human Granny picked out the prize for me. I made a lot of new furfriends and met some old one too from last year. As you can see I had to check out the bottom of the garbage can first for some 'tit-bits' then greet the furfriends...Snicker! Snicker!
A few snacks for the pups and the humans and a 'Pet Rock' contest and some great music and all was a Big Success!
Thanks to my Wonderful Blogger friends that donated and Thanks to all that cheered us on. In all over $9,500. was raised and that is a very Great thing.
Have a Great one, Licks & Wags, Ariel ♥

p.s.s it is not too late to donate. Remember no donation is too small. Human Granny will be posting more pics real soon!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Random Pictures

This is me and human Granny's niece....

Where is the Beach?

I see it! and I love the sand to run and play in....♥

New FurFriends at the Bark Park in
Michigan City, IN
September 5, 2010
Getting ready to leave the hotel and celebrate human Papa's Birthday. Sneaking in a quick nap...Snicker! Snicker!
September 6th, 2010

My First Vacation Adventure #53

Well this was the Best Labor Day I have ever had. Human Granny and human Papa took me on a mini vacation. We went to Indiana USA and got a hotel in Chesterton, IN for 3 nights. It was a real Great Adventure! All I wanted to do when we first got to our room late Friday September 3, 2010, was play. The bed was very big to run across with my ball. Human Granny wanted to sleep because she knew we had to be up very early to have breakfast and get ready for the days activities.

So off to sleep we went. Early Saturday September 4, 2010 morning we were up for breakfast. I read my paper had some bottled water, and waited for human Granny to get my food. I was very patient and that is real hard for me.....Snicker! Snicker!
We got on the road and had to go to three beaches before we found a dog beach. No swimming at any of the beaches because of the 'Rip Tide' whatever that is....BOL!

I must admit the waves were very big for a little Puggle like me. I stayed behind human Papa for a bit before I decided to go in and try the water out. We did not have a lifeguard so no one told us not to swim. But human Granny rather be safe than sorry so we all just waded in a little.
On Sunday September 5, 2010 we checked the internet (well human Granny did), and we found a Great dog park just over at Michigan City, IN. It was Barking Great! A large area with stuff to do and I made a few FurFriend right when we got there.
We stay a long while at the 'Bark Park' and then back to the hotel to get some rest. I was sure dog tired. But it was a Great mini vacation for me. I am so blessed to have human Granny and human Papa in my life!
Catch you later pups and everyone else.
Licks & Wags, Ariel ♥
p.s.s. will post more pics....♥

Please don't forget to give to my Great cause. My walk is coming up real soon September 18, 2010. It is the 'Young @ Heart Senior Pet Rescue'. Remember no donation is too small.
Thanks and Bless you! ♥