Sunday, August 29, 2010

Last Pool Party of Summer 2010 Adventure #52

My it is HOT in Chicago, IL USA. Yesterday human Granny and human Papa took me to my last 2010 Summer Pool Party with the 'West Loop Dog Group' Meet-Up. I had a Barking Great time as always. Human Granny did not venture into the water this time with me. But human Papa and I had a Blast! This time we stayed late and not too many dogs were swimming around with me. It was almost like I had the pool to myself. I was the only Puggle that attended yesterday. We have to get the Puggles to come out more. Well don't forget pups and all others tell your humans about my 'Great Cause' for the Senior Pups and Kitties. It is coming up real fast and we are trying to reach our goal. Just click on the 'First Giving' at the right side of this post. Please remember that No Donation Is Too Small. Thanks! Enjoy the pictures and notice how good my swimming is getting.
Licks & Wags, Ariel ♥

Here is the first one of me, I swam the length of the pool...See how far human Papa is away from me?

Here is the second one of me Swimming out to human Papa....Actually human Granny is standing on the deck having lunch and I was trying to get to her. Snicker! Snicker!

This one is me getting ready for a break....

Home Sweet Home...I'm so tired! But what a Great time!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Please Help the Senior Pets, Let's Give Them a Happily Ever After!

Hello pups and kitties and humans and everyone else. This is a plea to all my blogger friends and family. I have a BIG favor to ask of you tonight. Could you please take a look at these Senior Pets pictured below (pictures taken of pets in 'Kill Shelters') and then Help me to Help them and find/build them a home and get them SAFE and Sound and Happy. So many Seniors are brought into 'Kill Shelters' and they are the last ones to be considered for adoption (most of the time). This Great Cause I walk for every fall is trying to raise money to build a 'Senior Pet Rescue Home' to make sure they will all have a home even if it takes forever to find them a family. Right now they foster them out and pay for some vet care, hopefully some day enough money will be raise to build a Senior Home for them. Please open your heart and Help me to Help give them a 'Happily Ever After' thanks and bless you! Please remember 'No Donation is too Small' . You can donate safely with my 'First Giving' over on my page at the right hand side across from this post. Thanks again!
Licks and Wags, Ariel ♥

This Senior Furbaby was left behind and as you can see he is very sad and depressed does not know why his family left him....*tears*

This is another Owner Surrender....*tears*

This little Senior Furbaby has a skin condition. I bet if he had humans to give him some TLC and hope he would perk right up....*tears*

Short Video Please Watch Thanks!
'Dream Big'

Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Birthday Pawty Adventure #51

We had a Great Adventure today Sunday 8/1/2010! Puggle Parker's human Mommy Amy, (a new friend) hosted my 'Puggle 3rd Birthday Pawty'! It was so much fun! First human Granny and human Papa had to stop over at Lainey & Chloe & Autumn's house to pick up some WONDERFUL goodies to pass out as a take home gift to all the pups that attended. They are the Best Treats I have had since my Pup Cakes from my Birthday last year (human Granny baked the pup cakes for me). Thanks so much Judy A. for all the Great treats and presents too! And she even gave me some extra Special Treat she made just for me. I got to meet my blogger Pup Friends for the first time in person too! Then off to Puggle Parker's home for a run and play around the yard. Some old Fur Friends and some new Fur Friends. It was so much fun! We were running a little late. So sorry Puggle Sandy's human Mommy, who is always right on time and does a Great job organizing all the Puggle Meetups. Marilyn F and Mike F thanks for running our Puggle Meetup Group so well. We still had plenty of time to play with all the Puggles and one Beagle Dolly. It was a Barking Great time! I of course pranced around like the Princess that I am, and did not excert myself. Snicker! Snicker! The humans had a bite to eat at Puggle Sandy's and then home to open gifts and relax. I am so Blessed what a Great day! Here are some pictures for you to Enjoy!
Licks & Wags, Ariel ♥

Me and Lainey, don't we look alike? Love her ♥
Little Autumn and you can see Chloe in the bottom left of this picture laying down. How Sweet they both were!

All of the excitement right after I got to the 'Birthday Pawty' ♥

Me at home opening my cards and presents!
Resting after a long Barking Great day! ♥

p.s.s. Please Check out Lainey's Pawtique and Bakery Click Here! for some wonderful Treats and Gifts! You will not be disappointed!