Friday, January 8, 2010

What is a Puggle? by Puggle Ariel ♥

Well let me start off by saying, "One of the BEST pets ever!" I am a Puggle. A 'Designer Dog' is one of our titles. I had a Pug Dad dog and a Beagle Mom dog. They got together and here I am a Puggle. I was 1 of 10 puppies. Dog Mom only had 8 nipples and the two largest puppies were taken from the dog Mom and hand raised. I ended up at the 'Animal Welfare' in Chicago Ridge IL USA. Human Granny saw me first and even before I was put in a cage in the back with all the other animals she told my human Mommy to see me and they snagged me up. I was 8 weeks old and the cutest pup she had seen in a long time.
~We are very smart and easy to train. (I know a lot of tricks.) We do listen except when our 'prey drive' takes over, so it is always safe to keep us contained by a fence or on a sturdy leash. We tend to have our noses to the ground, and always smelling everywhere looking for tidbits (it's Natural for a Beagle to do this) and will eat things that are not good for us. So be on the lookout please! We can be food aggressive so we need to be taught to wait and easy when you give us treats by hand. We have a lot of energy and love to go outdoors. A dog coat or a heavy dog sweater should be worn if you live in a cold climate area. We can be kept in apartments but with a lot of outside activity. You must be watchful with my food. Beagles are know to 'barrel out' and then it is very hard to get that weight off. We tend to be healthy dogs. Not too much grooming is needed. We have short coats. Be watchful we have longer noses than the Pug dog but we still can not I repeat "CAN NOT!!!" be put in a 'cage dryer' (I hate to even say the word) for any length of time EVER! They need to be BANNED FOREVER for all dogs! Short nosed dog breeds can not breath in this type of situation. Terrible things will happen just read some of my older blog posts. It isn't just the heat that is a problem we (Puggles) can not breath in this environment. We have what they call a 'Reverse Sneeze' that will scare you but you just have to Stay Calm, and to hold our nose gently and rub our throat and calm us down until it passes (at least that is what human Granny does). We make Great pets and love humans. We love to Snuggle under the covers and will make a great foot warmer for you on cold nights. We also love our owners and will Snuggle right next to you on the couch or the bed or where ever you are. We just want to be loved!
Well hope you got a lot of information on Puggles,
Licks and Wags, Ariel ♥
p.s.s. Please consider 'Adoption' for your next pet! Thanks! ♥


  1. We sure are the best dogs ever! Puggle Power!

    Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

  2. hehe I love this write up. It is a nice break from all the other "what is a puggle" posts. It would be cool if I could add it to my Puggle site

  3. Wow..that is well-written about us puggle. Thank you, Ariel and human Granny. A well-trained puggle is truely the best pet ever! oh glad that you remind everyone we do need clothes in the cold weather. (once mom received a not-so-nice email from one of our blog readers about putting clothes on me, it made mom sad for a long time).
    Puggles rock!

  4. Great description of us! The reverse sneezing definitely gave my Mama a good scare the first time I did it...but covering the nose and stroking my throat clears it up every time!

    I don't much like clothes, so I usually freeze up and stand like a statue when you put it on me. Thank goodness I live in a climate that rarely gets below freezing...until this week. We just stay indoors when it does get too cold, then I get Cabin Fever!

    Very well written!

  5. That goes a long way toward explaining why you little cuties are so popular. :)

  6. euch muss man einfach nur lieben :-) lasste es euch gut gehen und habt ein schönes zu hause. betty und luna

  7. Thanks everyone and CoCo I forgot about the holding the nose part. So human Granny added it. Thanks for the head-up. <3