Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cookies ~or~ Milk Bones? Adventure #37

A new year full of New Adventures. Well on Saturday (1/09/2009) my human Papa went out and most of the time he doesn't bring me anything when he returns. I sniff through all the bags and boxes (if he has any boxes). Just checking if their is something for me. Human Granny always brings me something home when she goes out. I stick my head in each and every bag and even get a lick of condensation off the milk jug if he puts it in my reach. He tell me: "Nothing for you Ariel!" Well this past Saturday he made up for all the other times. WOW! a BIG box of cookies he came in with in his hands! Human Papa says they are Milk Bones. What do I know. I can not read. At least not yet. Snicker! Snicker! I just know they smell good and taste even better! Well here is a picture. O.k. Puggles and Pups and everyone else what do you think? BOL!Licks and Wags, Ariel ♥


  1. I think you can let a pair of shoes live for now. You're going to be busy for months working through those nom noms! :)

  2. Awww, your human dad is making up for all those goodies he failed to bring you home, Ariel. That is a nice forecast for 2010 hehe.

    Thanks for always visiting our blog, I enjoy reading your comments. I am just waiting for my wheels to be shipped, dont worry i will show it to you.

    Love and kisses, Scarlet

  3. oh hahha...I do that too!! i always check every grocery bag mom and dad come home with. Even if they didn't get me anything, if I help bringing things to the kitchen, I got rewards so I am happy to be a little helper.
    Can you believe that whole box of milk bones are going into your tummy? how lucky!!