Sunday, January 22, 2012


Hello pups and kitties and humans and everyone else.....♥
It has been a while since human Granny has posted on my blog...:'( She has been so busy with supporting 'Child Abuse Awareness' and 'Animal Abuse Awareness' and 'The Chicagoland Puggle Group' on and 'Brittany Transport' she hasn't had much time to blog for me. Well we are back with a vengeance. JK! Snicker! Snicker! I have been busy chasing the kitties, tearing up human Granny's socks, and barking at the squirrels on the patio to keep them off our outside space.


It started out bad but with hope and faith and a lot of prayer I think it will get better. Human Granny has been reading all your old post to me. I have a lot to catch up on. I see Preston Puggle has a new 'Baby human Brother' and he is so cute, as humans go I personally like canines looks better...Snicker! Snicker! Human Granny thinks he is the cutest human baby she has seen in a while: Puggle Lainey & Puggle Autumn & Chloe had a very successful 'Secret Santa 2011': I see 'Tank' has taken his first plane ride...and was very nervous about it: Puggle Coco got a lot of new toys.....well I will have to fill you in later on the rest when human Granny gets a minute. Enjoy the video and have a Great Super Bowl Sunday!
Licks & Wags, Puggle Ariel ♥


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