Saturday, September 18, 2010

Young @ Heart Pet Rescue 'Mutt Mosey Fund Raiser' Adventure #54

Wow! what a Great Adventure I had with human Granny and human Papa today! It was our Young @ Heart Pet Rescue, 'Mutt Mosey's Fund Raiser! Human Granny worked hard trying to raise money but we did get 10% of her goal and that is good (she said). We started out and human Granny told human Papa to get a jacket it was going to be bad weather. Human Granny made sure to get me and her one. He said he did not need it. Dog-gone-it he was wrong. It RAINED all the time we were at the Fund Raiser. Glad human Granny remembered to bring 2 umbrellas.
Human Papa decided to go and get a umbrella...Snicker!
The 'Walk' got started a little late with the rain and all, but it was still a Barking! Great time. Human Papa and I did our walk around the pond and we can in first place. Then human Granny got me a 'Raffle Ticket' and it won me a 'Dog Gone Great' prize.
Human Granny picked out the prize for me. I made a lot of new furfriends and met some old one too from last year. As you can see I had to check out the bottom of the garbage can first for some 'tit-bits' then greet the furfriends...Snicker! Snicker!
A few snacks for the pups and the humans and a 'Pet Rock' contest and some great music and all was a Big Success!
Thanks to my Wonderful Blogger friends that donated and Thanks to all that cheered us on. In all over $9,500. was raised and that is a very Great thing.
Have a Great one, Licks & Wags, Ariel ♥

p.s.s it is not too late to donate. Remember no donation is too small. Human Granny will be posting more pics real soon!


  1. Oh congrats Ariel! What a good thing you are doing! And you won that big prize?! WOW lucky you!!!!!!

  2. I'm so glad the walk went well! What a great cause. And WOW! That gift basket is huge! Are you enjoying it?

  3. Hi Ariel! What a great event!
    sorry we are a bit late.
    thanks for all the nice things you and your family are doing for other doggies in need.