Sunday, August 29, 2010

Last Pool Party of Summer 2010 Adventure #52

My it is HOT in Chicago, IL USA. Yesterday human Granny and human Papa took me to my last 2010 Summer Pool Party with the 'West Loop Dog Group' Meet-Up. I had a Barking Great time as always. Human Granny did not venture into the water this time with me. But human Papa and I had a Blast! This time we stayed late and not too many dogs were swimming around with me. It was almost like I had the pool to myself. I was the only Puggle that attended yesterday. We have to get the Puggles to come out more. Well don't forget pups and all others tell your humans about my 'Great Cause' for the Senior Pups and Kitties. It is coming up real fast and we are trying to reach our goal. Just click on the 'First Giving' at the right side of this post. Please remember that No Donation Is Too Small. Thanks! Enjoy the pictures and notice how good my swimming is getting.
Licks & Wags, Ariel ♥

Here is the first one of me, I swam the length of the pool...See how far human Papa is away from me?

Here is the second one of me Swimming out to human Papa....Actually human Granny is standing on the deck having lunch and I was trying to get to her. Snicker! Snicker!

This one is me getting ready for a break....

Home Sweet Home...I'm so tired! But what a Great time!

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