Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Day Out in the County! 10/10/2009 Adventure #27

We had a Great Adventure yesterday (10/10/09) with the Chicagoland Puggle Meetup Group at the Wood Dale Dog Park. Human Papa was making us very late and we missed Puggle Lainey and her humans. The weather was very cold but the Puggles and other pups did not mind much. Human Granny did not either, she likes the cold weather Snicker! Snicker! We had a Great lunch which Puggle Sandy's human Mommy and human Daddy, organized and even prepared some great things for our humans. Others in the Group brought some Great stuff too. I could smell it but did not get to taste any. Puggle Taffy and Pug Panini were trying to get over the fence to their human Mommy and human Daddy. Puggle Sandy just whinnied a lot. I was Barking most of the time. Barking is what I do Best! BOL! We had a little Puggle pup named Ryder that came and joined in the fun and a few cute Beagles one was named Buddy. He (Buddy) ran into human Granny and almost knocked her over....BOL! She was too busy chatting with Puggle Sandy's human Mommy and did not hear my "Look Out" Bark! We played and the humans visited and the humans ate lots of Great food. A Barking Great time was had by all! Catch you later pups and humans and everyone else, unless you catch me first.
Licks and Wags, Ariel ♥