Monday, July 20, 2009

The Kitchen is a everyday Adventure! Adventure #15

Yes this is a Everyday Adventure for me. I love the kitchen. Human Granny is always cooking or preparing something to cook. I just hang out and get in her way waiting for that one little Tidbit to fall on the floor. And sometimes it gets a little crowded in here too. When human Papa or human Mommy tries to get in my way. The nerve of them. Bark! From morning until night time I must say that I love to sit and watch human Granny when she is in here. I only get a taste if it is safe for doggies and on my Special diet. I so love to eat and could do it most of my day. Sometimes when human Granny is using the oven she says: "Back Ariel HOT!" I do not want to take a chance so I always listen and step back and wait. She always watches out for me.
Maybe she will make one of my favorite things tonight. Yes that would be Great! Have a Great week.
Licks & Wags, Ariel ♥


  1. hahahah! mr. puggle has a code word too. "Begger" when he hears that he knows he has to go to his spot. one day i will put the video on the blog. it is funny.

    so glad ariel has a safe family looking out for her. :)

  2. OH Ariel, I love to hang out in the kitchen too! Mommy is notorious for dropping things on the floor while she is cooking....good thing she has me to clean it right up! BOL!

    Hugs and Licks, Bruschi