Monday, March 22, 2010

Urgent Help Needed!

O.k all you dog lovers. This poor pup Needs Help Now! Could you Please open your hearts and wallets and Help to get this pup some very needed vet care? Bless you! If you can help PLEASE contact Emily at 1-917-578-6372 to
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Please read this update on this poor pup... (3/22/2010 around 10:00a.m) thanks Tara Lisa Cole!
UPDATE: just talked to Emily minutes ago and she has been rescued!!! Someone with a good heart has taken her outta the shelter and she is being given a second chance medical and all trying find out who and maybe we can chip in and help!!! great news


  1. OMG is that awful. I'll spread the word. Poor pooch. :(

  2. oh poor thing.
    So happy to hear about the good news. hope she will finaly have a happy life that all doggies should have.


  3. OMD! This is terrible, just terrible! I am happy to hear that she has been rescued! This pup deserves a second chance in so many ways! I hope she makes a complete recovery!

    Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

  4. Oh, the poor, sweet baby. It absolutely breaks my heart what people do to dogs-- and so often it's pit bulls. They deserve better. I'm so glad she's been rescued. Hopefully it's the start of a brand-new, wonderful life for her!