Thursday, March 25, 2010

Please Do Not Litter! Adventure #41

Me waiting to leave the 'Emergency Vet'.
Hi pups and humans and everyone else. Human Granny and I have been doing a lot of re-search and spending time trying to get the word out for these poor pup in Urgent Situations. Now my little problem did not seem so much. But I will share it with you anyway. But Please keep this pup Piglet in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks!
~March 18, 2010.......
This was a Adventure of a terrible kind. Human Papa was taking me out for my last walk before he retired to bed for the night. He did not see earlier that someone must of left their beer bottles in the grass where some kids maybe have gotten to them and broke them all over the sidewalk. Human Granny was on the computer and forgot to tell human Papa about the glass all over the sidewalk a few buildings down. O'great! Well I am sure you already guessed what happened. Human Papa walked me right through the glass before he noticed it. Some of the glass got stuck in my right front paw. I did not cry and human Granny got most of it out with human Papa's help. But one piece was just stuck way down and human Granny was making it bleed more and maybe pushing it down deeper. OMD! Well by the time human Granny gave up it was around 10:40 p.m. or so. The next thing I knew human Papa was caring me to the car to the 'Emergency Vet'. Human Granny had to drive with her bad back (she has been having some shots in her spine lately). So the vet said he could not see it at first. But when he took me to the back to take a closer look he seen it. Then the vet took a needle and plucked it right out. The vet tech said it hit him right in the forehead. So after a few days on some meds and off to my vet Dr. Sue a few days later all is well. My paw is Great now!
What a Adventure it was. No matter their are so many more pups much worse off than me. Whimper!
Licks and Wags, Ariel ♥


  1. Oh Ariel, what a brave little puggle you are! All that glass and you didn't even cry! Good thing you went to the ER Vet so that they could get that last piece out! Glad you are feeling better now. That's a pretty cool sock you get to wear!

    Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

  2. I'm glad to hear that ended well cutie. I hope you are milking them for treats! :)

  3. Oh, no! I'm glad to hear your foot is doing better.

    I'm curious about something you mentioned on Alice's blog-- the Mutt Mosey. I'd love to hear more about it! Will you be writing about it (or have you already and I've overlooked it)?