Monday, March 22, 2010

Safe Toys Please! Adventure #40

It has been a long week and last Sunday (3/14/2010) I got my wish of a Meetup (small dogs only). But it was a disaster. Yet in the end it turned out Great! Human Papa and human Granny took me to one of my Meetups and we were their with the only other Puggle my Sweet Best friend Puggle Sandy. We were playing and the leader of the Group notices a tennis ball that looked a little small and removed it from the floor. She was trying to keep us safe. Some of us Puggles tend to eat toys. At least Puggle Sandy does. After around a hour of play, human Granny noticed that Puggle Sandy had a small ball in her mouth. She (Puggle Sandy) was chewing it like she was eating it. Human Granny tried to get it and Puggle Sandy must of thought she (human Granny) was playing with her. It had a squeaker in it and it was collapsing when she was chewing on it, but it would come back to normal size when Puggle Sandy opened her mouth a little. Human Granny told Puggle Sandy's human Mom to get it. But Puggle Sandy was not having it. Human Granny noticed that it looked a little to big to pass or to swallow. Well Puggle Sandy's Daddy tried and to get it and Puggle Sandy swallowed it right down. She was rushed to the Emergency Vet and had Emergency Sugery that same hour. Puggle Sandy's stomach was already swelling. I was so scared and sad for my Puggle friend. The vet did the surgery to remove the toy ball from Puggle Sandy's stomach in record time. He did say that because of her having a no-gag reflex that her life was spared. If the air went back in the ball in her (Puggle Sandy's) throat she would of chocked on the ball. So I guess it was a Great thing. She is recuperating and doing well. The ball came from PetCo and is not very good for a dog toy. I think these Manufacturers need to rethink some of these products they are selling! Terrible thing to put us dogs at risk. So the rules have changed at the Small Dog 'Off Leash Meetup'. No toys allowed. The organizer of the Meetup Group will be supplying toys that are safe for all dogs to play with. It is a Good thing! What a Adventure it was!
Take Care and Please Humans Be aware of your pet's toys!
Licks and Wags, Ariel ♥


  1. Oh my OH my how scary I hope that never happens again I would hate for that to happen to me or my furiends!!

    wags and licks

  2. phew..glad to hear sandy is okay now. That must have been a big scare for her parents.
    There are so many unsafe dog toys out there. Some are made of toxic materials. Some are poorly designed. I just wish there was as much attention paid to dog toys as baby toys. Before that happens, we just have to be careful ourselves.

  3. YIKES! What a scary and traumatic experience for you and Puggle Sandy! So glad she was rushed to the ER and they were able to remove the toy! Do you know what kind of toy it was? I want to be sure we never buy that kind!

    Hugs and Licks, Bruschi