Sunday, March 13, 2011

Devastation in Japan 3/11/2011

Hello my blogger human friends and fur friends and everyone else! I hope all is well in your world. It has been a while since my human Granny has made a post. For Shame! BOL! I have been kept busy with many 'Meet-ups' in the area. I had a bout with some potty problems (going too much) but I am doing well these days but very sad. The events of 3/11/2011 in Japan have devastated the people of Japan and human Granny has been crying for three days. I wanted to let everyone know that the animals are devastated too. We need to do something to help out! Here is a link to help them out.
Here is the chip in....
Click Here! Please Give and Remember 'No donation is too small!'

Here is some of the Great Search Dogs that are going over to help!
Please Help! the 'chip in' on the right column of my blog too.
Bless you for caring!

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  1. My mommy is always worried about the helpless animals during these horrific tragedies. They are totally helpless! I can't imagine how scared they must be, alone, and hungry, with many of their owners gone.