Thursday, August 19, 2010

Please Help the Senior Pets, Let's Give Them a Happily Ever After!

Hello pups and kitties and humans and everyone else. This is a plea to all my blogger friends and family. I have a BIG favor to ask of you tonight. Could you please take a look at these Senior Pets pictured below (pictures taken of pets in 'Kill Shelters') and then Help me to Help them and find/build them a home and get them SAFE and Sound and Happy. So many Seniors are brought into 'Kill Shelters' and they are the last ones to be considered for adoption (most of the time). This Great Cause I walk for every fall is trying to raise money to build a 'Senior Pet Rescue Home' to make sure they will all have a home even if it takes forever to find them a family. Right now they foster them out and pay for some vet care, hopefully some day enough money will be raise to build a Senior Home for them. Please open your heart and Help me to Help give them a 'Happily Ever After' thanks and bless you! Please remember 'No Donation is too Small' . You can donate safely with my 'First Giving' over on my page at the right hand side across from this post. Thanks again!
Licks and Wags, Ariel ♥

This Senior Furbaby was left behind and as you can see he is very sad and depressed does not know why his family left him....*tears*

This is another Owner Surrender....*tears*

This little Senior Furbaby has a skin condition. I bet if he had humans to give him some TLC and hope he would perk right up....*tears*

Short Video Please Watch Thanks!
'Dream Big'

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